360 Leadership


As Christian business leaders we are passionate about what we do and why we do it.   We desire to impact the world in a positive way while accomplishing 3 equally significant objectives.

  • We desire to serve the Lord in all we do as we create our products and services in ways that positively impact our communities and our employees.
  • We desire to make enough money to be able to provide for our families and give back to the Lord in ways that responsibly further the Kingdom of God
  • We work to understand and responsibly serve those in need in our communities and around the world.

As a member of 360 Leadership, you will draw strength and encouragement from other like-minded business leaders as you discover that you’re not alone in the ‘giants’ you face.  

As a member of 360 Leadership, you’ll experience a simple, but powerful 5 part peer sourced strategy for engaging the challenges of leadership.  

  • We share the growth and challenges we’re facing in our leadership skills and responsibilities.
  • We examine the scriptures for principles and practices we can apply to our leadership in the workplace and our families.  
  • We discuss how to rethink and strategize our engagement of whatever issues we’re facing.
  • We commit to action, support and accountability of each other during the month through prayer and connection.
  • We share resources that we have found helpful in our leadership.