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Welcome to 360 Leadership Groups™! 360 Leadership members are part of an extraordinary group of Christian Entrepreneurs committed to positive accountability in the fellowship of wise, trusted business peers, with ambitions to grow spiritually as a leader, excel in business and advance the Gospel through effective marketplace witness. The program is comprised of monthly half-day peer Leadership Groups, organized around a uniquely designed curriculum, group discussion of individual Member Focus Topics, and a monthly one-hour Peer-Link Connection™. Progress and ROI is driven by the cumulative impact of you and your peers diligently pursuing the 360 Intentional Leadership Strategy, as illustrated in the attached diagram.  


To maximize the stability of the groups and optimize the value received from confidential, non-competitive relationships with trusted peers, Membership is on a 12-month basis, after a complimentary one-time meeting audit and a subsequent ninety-day Confirmation Period. Membership dues can be paid on a monthly or annual basis per the table below. Dues are all-inclusive and cover meeting space, facilitator compensation, monthly study materials, coffee and light snacks during the meeting.  




Market Rate 

360 Pro Charter 

Members* by cash, check or ACH 

Enrollment Fee 






Monthly Dues  






Annual Dues 






Annual Dues (paid in advance – 15% discount) 



*Charter Member rates are applicable for the first twenty Portland 360 Leadership Group Memberships. Subsequent 

Memberships will be billed at $350 per month, with an Enrollment Fee equal to one month’s dues. (Members may use Pay Pal or Venmo for payment method.) It is anticipated that second year Charter Group renewals may be at $325 per month and that in subsequent years, the monthly dues may move closer to a national market rate.  

 The first 90 days of membership is considered a Confirmation Period during which there is a mutual evaluation of a 

Member’s participation. Dues are billed monthly according to the schedule above. During the Confirmation Period, a Member or 360 Leadership may terminate the Membership with 30 days advance notice. Upon 30-day notice of termination during the Confirmation Period, it is expected that the Member will attend the full session of a final 360 Leadership Group Forum, respecting the relationships that have been formed and exiting the group gracefully in a God-honoring manner.  

Once past the Confirmation Period, the 12-month commitment is expected. Should a Member desire to withdraw before the end of their annual commitment, it is expected that the withdrawing Member will attend the full session of a final 360 Leadership Group Forum respecting the relationships that have been formed and exiting the group gracefully in a God-honoring manner. Except in the event of Member death or disability, there will be no refunds upon early termination and the balance of outstanding Member dues for the remaining term of the annual Membership shall be due, either with the balance paid in full upon termination or continuing on a monthly payment basis until paid in full – at Member preference. Personal, family or business challenges, client “demands” and “busy-ness” are not legitimate grounds for termination. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Navigating and pressing into challenging life situations and circumstances with your peers is where you and they receive extraordinary value. Proactive, consistent participation in your 360 Leadership Group will build your trust in the faithfulness, goodness and provision of God. You’ll receive value and support from your colleagues, and they’ll receive the same from you. So, commit to staying the course, you won’t regret it! 


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