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Christian Leadership Groups

  • 360 Leadership is unique because of its casual, relaxed and supportive environment. It is valuable because you will discover how you are ‘Imaged for Impact’ by God and you will be challenged by your peers to ‘live into’ your role as a Biblical Leader in all walks of life.
  • 360 Leadership Members are willing to engage the curriculum and each other as peer coaches and mentors. The curriculum deals with real-life issues and the more members engage in discussion the more they will grow and refine their leadership skills and the more they will help others grow and develop.
  • 360 Leadership is not a networking/client gathering group. Therefore members tend to feel more relaxed and free to share challenges and successes knowing the group will engage them with honesty and trust.
Bob Bailey

Note from the Founder

I’m pleased to offer 360 Leadership to Men and Women who truly desire to discover how to do business for the Glory of God.

360 Leadership is a powerful Leadership Catalyst Group designed to challenge, strengthen and encourage Christian Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Leaders. Whether you have been in Business Leadership for years or are just a few years into it, this affiliation will prove to be a unique and valuable resource.

Give 360 Leadership a try we’d love to get to know you.
-Bob Bailey, Founder – 360 Leadership

Our Mission

Strengthen the effectiveness of Christian Business Leaders through the application of Biblical Principles and Practices to their Leadership Skills in order to enhance Personal, Corporate and Community Impact

We Focus On…

Personal Finances & Business Revenue

Personal & Business Objectives

Peer to Peer Review & Direction Advice

Incorporating Time with The Lord 

Business Strategy & Accountability

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Redeeming The Day

I enjoy the weeks that we transition from one season to another. The trees surrounding our back yard are nearly full of their summer foliage…



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Success Stories

“360 Leadership and Bob Bailey has allowed me to regularly connect with a great group of individuals who push to grow you in all facets of life, aligning your faith, business, family and community. It has been a continual way to expand my network from a business and friendship standpoint while also growing my faith in parallel. 360 Leadership is always a much welcomed time to pause and reflect in a constantly moving world.”

Michael Whitten

Vice President, Cresa

“Joining 360 Leadership has been life-changing! Technically we’re “members” but it feels more like family. They have encouraged me to push through challenges achieving both my personal & professional goals. It’s amazing to have a group of fellow believers to hold you accountable and offer great advice to keep pointed in the right direction. It’s been very impactful in life as a Christian, husband, father, and business owner.”

Mark Savage

Owner, Cornerstone Web Studio

“Bob has been a true asset to me in my journey of entrepreneurship. Both my business and personal life have benefited from his mentorship. Since he came alongside me I have grown in my spiritual walk with the Lord and have been able to apply that as a business owner as well. The topics Bob discusses in the group are relevant to today and have helped me shift my perspective and thinking as a Christian business owner.”

Paul Orifice

Owner, Explor

Recent Newsletters

Redeeming The Day

Redeeming The Day

I enjoy the weeks that we transition from one season to another. The trees surrounding our back yard are nearly full of their summer foliage and…