December 2022

Into the Word

Scripture is the source of great wisdom regarding how we work and live with each other. (2 Tim 3:16-17)

The challenges of our specific season as Leaders and the needs we are facing have not taken the Lord by surprise. The examples and principles of leadership found in scripture are applicable for whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. We can see the wrong ways and the right ways to lead.

This month we’ll look at principles that address not only the organizational challenges of leadership, but also the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual challenges that we face in these unique times of change and adjustment. It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘wisdom’ of the world and forget the Wisdom of the Lord as revealed in scripture.

We’ll look at mindset, perspective, and alignment as guideposts to Biblical Leadership.

In the Workplace

The demographics of the workforce are changing! Are you prepared to meet the challenges?

As we look ahead to 2023, we need to consider a couple of key issues regarding our employees and the work environment. As you are well aware, we’ve just come out of nearly 3 years of strong interruption in the way we’ve traditionally done things. Not all the results are negative, but the ones that could become negative need to be recognized and addressed as we move forward.

The impact of Covid, quarantining, masks, thousands of people dying, traditionally disengaged management, and remote work have taken a toll on our intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and clarity. Depending on the generation we are in and the generations we’re working with (hiring, trying to keep, etc.) there are some unique and interesting differences we need to know and understand to be effective and successful in the foreseeable future.

Engagement, burnout, and stress vary, but the statistics tell a significant story. Taking stress as an example, there is a 28% increase in stress between Boomers and GenZ / younger Millennials. Another interesting finding by Pendell and Vander-Helm is that “Gen Z and younger Millennials are less angry but more lost”. These are significant findings with strong implications for Business Leaders as we look to hire and retain employees. We’ll look at the implications and options for us in our upcoming meeting.